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Finding Furniture Which Looks Great

Three Things To Consider When Choosing A Recliner Chair

by Judd Willis

A recliner chair can be an excellent addition to your living room, allowing you to lay back and relax while watching TV, reading or simply resting. However, there are a lot of recliners available, and there are a few things you should think about while making your choice.

Choose An Electric Or Manual Chair

The most important choice you have to make when choosing a recliner may be the difference between a manual or electric recliner, and it is a personal choice with no incorrect answer. An electric recliner may be more expensive, and it will need to be plugged in, but you might enjoy the convenience of effort-free reclining. With a manual recliner, it will be more difficult to recline, but if you have good mobility and can easily do this, you might prefer to save your money. Electric recliners can also have other features, such as heated seats and a massage option, that manual recliners don't, so you should also think about whether you would use these features.

Make Sure It's Comfortable

A recliner is supposed to be a place for comfort and relaxation, so choosing a recliner that will be comfortable for you is essential. Make sure that the seat is large enough to accommodate you and that the shape and placement of the arms will be comfortable. You should also find out if the seat is padded with a material such as foam, which will make sitting in it more pleasant. Finally, ensure that getting into the recliner and reclining it is easy for you – DFL has some suggestions on choosing a chair that is the perfect height for you, such as measuring yourself and considering the way you sit before committing to any specific chair.

Think About Design, Pattern And Colour

The comfort and features of your recliner are very important, but the way it looks in your living room is important too. Think about the style you want to go for. For example, do you want a sleek leather recliner for a modern living space, or a vibrant, patterned one for a colourful, fun room? Ideal Home suggests some ways of matching an armchair to your living room, explaining that a fun pattern can add colour and life to an otherwise neutral room. You could also think about the colour scheme and choose a recliner that matches it, or a bold, contrasting one for a pop of colour. Whichever recliner you are considering, think carefully about how it would blend into your room.

If you think carefully about whether you want a manual or electric recliner, consider what type of chair might be most comfortable for you and pick a chair that fits the style of your living space, you can ensure that you will be happy with your choice for years to come.