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Finding Furniture Which Looks Great

Factors To Consider When Planning Kitchen Renovations

by Judd Willis

Many household owners spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen, hence the reason why the kitchen is considered the heart of every home. If you're contemplating on remodelling your kitchen to improve aesthetics and décor, or to increase the value of your home, you're in for a humongous task. Here are some of the considerations you ought to make when planning kitchen renovations.

Set Your Budget

Weighing the costs of a remodel is a daunting task. You need to make a list of the aspects you want to change and prioritise based on your finances. For example, you may set out with a plan to change the kitchen cabinets, install splashbacks, change the layout or spacing in the kitchen, change the flooring, and repaint the walls. However, if you're struggling with food stains on your walls or limited space in the kitchen, replacing the flooring and kitchen cabinets will have to take a back seat in your renovation plans.

It would be best to enlist the help of an interior design expert for advice. You can also review your favourite kitchen and remodelling websites and magazines for budgeting ideas. You should also think of ways of saving money. For example, instead of buying new cabinets, you may consider giving the existing cabinets a facelift.

Design The Space

The next important consideration you ought to make is to think about what you aim to achieve with your space. Visiting showrooms to look at the finishes and styles of products will give you an idea of how to utilise your kitchen space. It's better to see designs in real life rather than review things online. In real life, you'll be able to experience the quality of the workmanship.

If you want to change the layout of your kitchen by moving walls or changing the plumbing, you need to look for an experienced kitchen designer. The professional will advise you on the ergonomics and technical aspects of remodelling your kitchen. For example, a kitchen designer will instruct you about where electrical and water connections should be.


Think about whether you need more lighting to brighten up the kitchen space. Consider lighting the area using different layers of light for different purposes and moods. The ideal kitchen should have enough bright light over work surfaces.

Use layers of light throughout your kitchen. For example, you can use LED under-cabinet lights, recessed lights, a chandelier, or pendant fixture. Put dimmer switches on your kitchen lighting to enable you to control the amount of light throughout the day. Also, place electric outlets and switches at convenient locations. You might need an electrician to help with the lighting of your kitchen.