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Finding Furniture Which Looks Great

Why Is a Sliding Door Beneficial on a Wardrobe?

by Judd Willis

There are plenty of ways to keep the contents of your wardrobe out of sight and free from dust. You might have a curtain that you can pull back and forth to gain access. Equally, you will find many wardrobes that are fitted with hinged doors that open outwards. However, one of the classic looks you will see for both fitted and stand-alone bedroom furniture of this type will be sliding doors. What makes sliding wardrobe doors such an excellent choice when you next come to buy furniture to store your clothes in? Read on to find out.

More Floor Space

One of the key benefits of sliding wardrobes compared to ones which open out is that you need much less space in front of them to look inside. If you have a wardrobe that is placed against a wall of your bedroom, for example, then you will need dead space in front of it where the doors will be able to swing freely. This might mean your bed cannot go exactly where you might like it. On the other hand, free-standing wardrobes that have sliding doors need very little room in front of them for you to operate in. This makes the configuration of your bedroom much easier to optimise, especially when you want 'his and hers' wardrobes on either side of the room.

More Internal Space

If you have fitted wardrobes, then the sky — or rather the ceiling — is the limit with storage space. The trouble with floor-to-ceiling fitted wardrobes is that their doors cannot always swing apart if there are ceiling-mounted light fittings or sloping eaves to take into consideration. This is in stark contrast to sliding wardrobes where all of the available room will be available for storage. In turn, this will result in much less clutter in your bedroom — a highly desirable outcome offered by this sort of furniture design.

Easy to Use

Sliding wardrobes are effortless. When they are properly installed by expert fitters, the rollers they sit on or are suspended from will move with a great deal of elegance with the lightest of touches. This makes them good for anyone who wants to achieve a sophisticated ambience in their bedroom, especially when they have sliding doors fitted with tall mirrors to add to the sense of space in the room. Why dust and clean handles when you can gently push a rail and have your wardrobe open up for you?

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