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Finding Furniture Which Looks Great

Three things to consider when buying a lift chair

by Judd Willis

Lift chairs are like recliner chairs, but with an added feature - when you want to stand up, the mechanism will push the chair upwards and forwards, gently easing you into an upright position. They are an enormous help if you have mobility problems, but you may be puzzled as to which type to get. Here are some things to consider.


Lift chairs are usually two-position, three-position or infinite-position chairs. Not surprisingly, this refers to the number of positions into which the chair can be put. The most basic two-position chairs allow for sitting and reclining at an angle of around forty-five degrees; this can be relaxing but is not suitable for sleeping. A three-position chair can also be made to recline flat and so allows for comfortable sleeping as well. An infinite-position chair can be placed in any position, but it will generally be the most expensive option and will also take up more room. Which type you want will depend on what you will use the chair for and how much you want to pay.


Next you will need to consider how the chair feels when you sit in it. You may be using it for many hours in a day, so you need to ensure it is the right size and shape. Your hips should fit comfortably in the seat, while your arms should be able to sit on the armrests. Your feet should also rest on the floor when the chair is in a sitting position. The chair should have comfortable padding that will offer support to your body without causing any aches or stiffness. It is also important that you try out the lift action of the chair; you want it to ease you to your feet in a smooth motion that makes it easy for you to step away from it.


Finally, it is worth considering if you want any extras with your lift chair. Some models come with heat and massage pads or storage pockets for pens or remote controls. A back-up battery is also a good idea so that you do not get stuck in the event of a power failure.

A lift chair is a huge benefit if you have trouble getting to your feet, but it is worth spending some time making sure you buy the right one. A lift chair supplier will be happy to answer any questions.